Thursday, December 16, 2010

2010 - An overview, Part 2 - All the rest

I have time to write today, so will comment on the rest of 2010, according to me, in one post.

Lets start with the biggest moment of 2010 - the FIFA World Cup. The very 1st time it was held on the African continent, and it was AWESOME. For me, from the opening, to the closing ceremony, it all was brilliant! One moment I will never forget, was the Vuvuzela minute, on the Wednesday before the WC, where everyone blew a vuvuzela or honked their car horn! It was truly amazing to see the unity in the country in that one moment. The atmosphere on the opening day was electrifying! The whole country was behind Bafana Bafana. Same at our last game. I am very proud of the dispplay the boys put one! I managed to go to one game, England vs Algeria at the Cape Town Stadium. The game was a bit disappointing, a 0-0 draw, but the experience was worth it! From the train trip to Cape Town, lots and lots of beer at the Fan Fest, the Fan Walk to the game. Just to see the stadium, was worth it anyway! Magnificent! The let down, was the beer available at the stadium. Budweiser. They say its beer, but tastes like very weak local beer, mixed with piss. Bleh. And at R30 for 473ml, not again. If I can help it, that is. On the train trip home, we got onto the wrong train. Fun! At least we got home by the end of the night (morning, actually). The rest of the WC I watched the games at the Bellville Velodrome Fan Park, and the Fifa Fanfest in Cape Town, or at home. Good entertainment at the fan park/fest. Here is a few pics of that great time of festival and parties!

As I am busy typing this, I am waiting for the 1st test between SA and India to start (Rain delayed). Think the series is going to be a cracker!

Other sporting highlights for me was Stormers reaching the Super 14 final, WP reaching the Currie Cup final, and actaully a bit dissapointed the the performance of the Springboks this year....

When we look at music, for me, 30 seconds to Mars, live in Cape Town, was my favourite moment! They are truly amazing live! 

Ramfest IV was even more amazing, like always. If you want to go to an awesome music weekend, do RAMfest!

My fav local songs of the year, in no particular order, are the following : 
  • Oliver Tamborine - Wrestlerish
  • Way to go - Thieve ft. Die Heuwels Fantasties
  • Kopskudkinders - Die Tuindwergies
  • Tussen Stasies - Jack Parow ft Die Heuwels Fantasies
Feel free to voice your opinions aswell.

Overall, I will say 2010 was a VERY good year for me. How about you? 2011, here we come.....

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